AvAero Hushkits for the Boeing 737 -100/-200

AvAero is the manufacturer of the most user-friendly B737 Hushkit available. Utilizing the Boeing OEM Stage II inlet nose cowl, tail pipe extension and the Boeing OEM aft engine mount makes engine change and parts availability less expensive and less time consuming than any other commercially available hushkit. It's no wonder major airlines such as Southwest Airlines, West Jet and Air Canada have chosen the AvAero Hushkit for their fleets.

The AvAero Hushkit is designed for the Boeing 737
-100, -200 & -200C aircraft. Installation of the kit enables the aircraft to meet and exceed the strict U.S. FAR 36, Stage 3 and ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 3 requirements at a wide variety of take off weights and engine combinations.

The AvAero Hushkit is easy to install with minimum impact to engine and airframe. All parts are fully supported by AvAero and Pratt & Whitney.

The AvAero Hushkit's lack of performance degradation, early parts availability, realistic pricing and resultant noise reduction are a major technological breakthrough enabling the continued operation of profitable aircraft.

Learjet 20 Series Hushkit

The Learjet Series 20 Hushkit complies with Stage 3 noise regulation and brings the Learjet 23, 24 & 25 series aircraft into full compliance. The Hushkit is covered by the supplemental type certificate #ST00462LA and complies with all NBAA noise abatement program objectives.

The Learjet 20 Series Hushkit is a double daisy configuration utilizing an eight lobe daisy nozzle to replace the existing tailpipe with the fairing installed over and beyond the aft end of the daisy nozzle.

The Hushkit installation requires removal of the tail pipe and thrust reversers only and results in a slight overall weight advantage.

Installation takes just 3-7 days depending on experience level and aircraft nacelle conditions.

Learjet Series 20 Hushkit

  • Stage 3 noise compliant
  • Reduced cabin noise
  • Enhanced aircraft appearance

No change to:

  • Weight and balance
  • Cockpit read out
  • Engine core
  • Aircraft nacelle
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